Gun Control is a Hot Topic, but What About Knives?

american-knife-institute-state-knife-lawsWith all of the recent shootings that are happening around the United States, the topic of gun control has really polluted the news line. You can’t really blame people, ever since Columbine High School and the aftermath, there has been a huge increase in the number of schootings around the United States, even in the most innocent and least likely places, such as Sandy Hook.

This has caused an uproar in the media, should there be more gun control? In many states, there are few restrictions on guns, with munitions being plentiful, background checks being non-existent, and a huge variety of automated rifles that are available to purchase. For instance, some out of state shoppers can purchase guns online, without background checks, and that is a terrifying thought.

While the media is fixated on guns however, there is another weapon flying under the radar, but is just as popular and a lot less lethal, knives. Knives that you are allowed to carry, otherwise known as EDC knives, are very trending upwards around the United States, and states have very specific and different rules, depending on the type of knife and how you carry it. For instance, for throwing knives which are used for sport or razor knives which are used for construction, not all of the same rules apply.

Trying to find a common trend amongst state laws when it comes to knives, is very difficult. There are two ways to carry knives. Open carry, which means to carry the knife openly and show it off to people. If you were to compare that kind of open carry, to guns, think of the OK Corral and the Wild West shootouts. Most states however, have very strict laws on open carry knives, with small pocket knives and folding knives being the only knives really allowed to be used.

The second way, in which knives can be carried, is called concealed carried. When you think of crocodile dundee knifegun use in public today, most of these people who are allowed to legally fire guns have concealed carry permits, as there are no longer any laws which allow for open carry guns. As it pertains to knives, there is much more leeway given. Straps and belts specifically designed to allow for concealed carry have been made, and knifes, such as Crocodile Dundees large mamba knife can be carried around, as long as the state permits it.

Finally, if you are looking to purchase a knife, due so at your own risk. Knives can be very dangerous if not used properly, and you should always read up on the recommended safety precautions in which to use.

Marines Come Home, to Find More Than Receptive Families

military returning homeIf your an internet sleuth, than you are guaranteed to at one point to have come across videos or images of U.S. Military personnel, coming back from overseas to some heartwarming homecomings. Inside sports stadiums, auditoriums, and dance halls from around the nation, Americans are showing their pride in Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force, and its been an overwhelming response.

A trendy fashion statement has popped up, as a result, and that has been the design and sporting of camouflage dresses. The camouflage theme is actually a very recent fashion trend in its own right, only having been established as a main stream theme for about 20 years, with such items as bags, wallets, jackets, and pink rhinestone camo handbags being worn more and more, but dresses are more distinct in that they require a bit more formality. Hence, these dresses which are being worn to balls, homecomings, and even weddings, are more about women showing support to troops returning home, than trying to make a fashion statement.

Speaking of Weddings, another trendy effect of the recent wars is that men are wearing their military uniforms to their weddings, and they are fleshing out the big day in camo design. Cool items such as camouflaged vests, wedding cakes, wine glasses, and ties are becoming more and more popular, and you can purchase just about all of these items online as their is massive support throughout the fashion industry. Peculiarly enough however, it isn’t these accessories that are getting the most attention, but camouflaged rings! As crazy as that sounds, people are getting married and exchanging their vows with camo, and the love for our military has never been higher.

This hasn’t always been the case however, as recently as the Vietnam war, our troops were looked down on and cast as villains in the media, and over time, public perception for young men who, under no choice of their own, were conscripted into the national military. When the troops returned home, they returned home to being spat on, having insults thrown their way, and much more. Some soldiers did perform heinous acts, but for the vast majority of soldiers, they simply put their life on the line for their country.

The next major military conflict was the first war in Iraq, otherwise known as Desert Storm. This was met with a much more positive response, as the idea behind the war essentially was to protect the small nation of Kuwait, and Americans were seen more as liberators, than an invading force. We quickly won the war, and quickly returned home.

About six years later, however, an event would occur that would change the social dynamic with our military, forever, when in 2001 terrorists crashed 4 large aircrafts into buildings around the United States, including the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. This attack on American soil brought a unity to the States, who looked towards our military forces for justice and vindication, towards the people who did this. Ever since then, our military have come home to the peace of mind that they are heroes.