A Clog-Shopping Guide: The Good, The Rad, & The Fugly

Fashion may need clogs, but clogs don’t need fashion. The shoe style has long thrived on the sartorial sidelines, happily occupying space inside the functional footwear category without requiring recognition. While sometimes known to unfurl its freak flag, the clog never sheds its core traits of function, dependability, comfort, and relative affordability. Despite its occasional appearance in the limelight, the chunky classic is a steadfast foot supporter that crosses styles and decades. Thus, I present to you, my love letter to the clog: The uber-functional, super-comfortable, and (most of the time) good-for-your-feet shoe.
The upshot of the 2023s clodhopping renaissance, however, is that there are more clog options (ahem, cloptions) out there than ever, rendered in materials like wood, cork, leather, rubber, felt, and foam. We’re getting down to the what — aka all of the clogs on the internet that we think are worthy of your time and coin.

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