A Two-Story Milan Loft With a Bold, Pop Aesthetic

So many of the objects are small souvenirs that I have collected over time, like a hand-embroidered blanket, wooden toys, and masks from Mexico, but also figurines of Native American gods and a Japanese paper lantern. One object has its own interesting story: it is a small giraffe made by an association in Kenya that collects flip-flops abandoned on beaches or carried there by the surf. They then use them to make animal-shaped sculptures. It’s a very clever project in my opinion, a model of how to create value and beauty from waste.

In contrast to the light palette of the rest of the house, the bathroom features dark hues of black and green.

Beppe Brancato

The bathroom features dark tones, in contrast to the rest of the house. What made you opt for those colors and that style in the bathroom?

The dark shades for the bathroom definitely create a more intimate atmosphere. At the same time, I enjoyed that the glossy surfaces had an almost psychedelic impact, contrasting strongly with the brightness, light colors, and opaque quality of the other materials. The classic tiles, which look back to a somewhat retro idea of a bathroom environment, are brought up to date by the contemporary lines of the washbasin and bathroom cabinet by Ceramica Cielo brand.

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