Castlevania fan uncovers new Konami code in 1999 game

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, the director’s cut version of Castlevania for the Nintendo 64, is a classic today despite issues like blurry graphics and wonky gameplay. You’d think a title designed in the last century (well, 1999) would have no new surprises, but there’s a twist to the story. A new Konami Code has been found and it’s interesting enough that Castlevania fans may want to give it a fresh look.

The trick was first revealed by Moises and LiquidCat on the Castlevania 64 Discord server, as shared by YouTuber JupiterClimb. To unlock it, you just need to double the inputs of the original Konami Code (press ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A, twice), and all the characters from Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness — Cornell, Reinhardt, Carrie and Henry — are instantly unlocked.

It also opens up all their alternate costumes, along with the game’s hard mode. Without the code, you have to win the game (twice!!) to unlock all four characters.

Along with the main code, Moises and LiquidCat also dug up codes to fill all inventories, regardless of character being played. The PAL and JPN version also lets players max out their jewels and weapon power.

JupiterClimb speculates that the code was a developer shortcut accidentally left in the game, as has happened before with Konami titles. In any case, it’s a fun surprise that breathes some new life into the 25-year-old vampire game.

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