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Bearly Dated by Eliza Gayle. A big grizzly bear in the background looks longingly at the shirtless, bearded man in the foreground.

From Jen: I’m guessing he’s a bear shifter but these covers make it appear the romance is between the guy and the bear. And this bear looks unhappy with the guy.

Sarah: The bear totally saw a suspicious text message come in, and is very upset. Poor bear.

Tara: Maybe the bear’s just not that into him?

Sarah: Well they bearly dated so maybe you’re right!

Lara: That bear is thinking, ‘this clown’s version of tidying up after supper is to just put the whole pan of leftovers in the fridge. Fuck Tupperware’

Sneezy: My grandma had I think three full sized fridges and maybe a freezer, and she had never done that. Which is to say, if the bear tells on him to my grandma…

Rapture by L.V. Lane. A faceless, shirtless man with some silver armor just on one shoulder and a red cape wrapped around his neck, being blown over his other shoulder.

Elyse: It’s a bib-cape

Also something behind him is on fire.

Amanda: I’m getting barber cape vibes for sure.

Sarah: This season’s collection from Completely Impractical Armour Atelier is really something. His nipples look disappointed.

Tara: Do you think he’s shaved so clean because it makes him more aerodynamic in battle?

Once Upon a Blade by Demelza Carlton. Wow this cover model has seen some things. His eyes are WIDE OPEN. He is also shirtless. He's standing to the side but twisting to the side, making his waist look impossibly small.

From Bransler on the SBTB Patreon Discord: For your Cover Snark consideration

Elyse: Time to stop corset training my dude.

Shana: That hair looks like a cheap Halloween wig

Maya: And it looks like they put the wig on backwards

Tara: How does that teeny tiny waist hold up that big ol’ torso?

Amanda: Definitely some structural integrity issues.

Sarah: Something something more impossible beauty and body expectations mutter mutter growl.

Daddy Wolf's Fake Marriage by Serena Meadows. A white wolf howls amidst a teal forest. A shirtless man with a wolf tattoo on his pec stands in the foreground. He has cowboy hat photoshopped onto his head and it looks about two sizes too small.

From Karen: While it’s not awful-awful, I cringe and/or laugh every time I see that too-small hat perched on the model’s head.

Sarah: My kids had Toy Story dress up costumes and I would swear that’s Woody’s hat.

Karen follows up: It turns out it’s part of a series and they all suffer from hat fails.

Daddy Wolf's Second Chance. A howling wolf in a purple, glittery forest. There is another man with a wolf chest tattoo, wearing a tiny, photoshopped hat.

Daddy Wolf's Forbidden Date by Serena Meadows. A howling wolf in a gold, glittery forest. There is another man with a wolf chest tattoo, wearing a tiny, photoshopped hat.

Sarah: Is the too-small hat meant to…suggest something about his size?

Carrie: I have a Woody from Toy Story toy and take it from me, no power on this earth will make that hat stay on.

Amanda: I’m sad the hat doesn’t stay on during the shift.

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