Exploring pulmonary and ICU insights through cartoons

I’ve created cartoons using DALL-E, each with its own humorous caption. They’re all original ideas from me, but I used the AI to visualize them. Although they mostly touch on topics related to pulmonary and ICU medicine, I think they could catch the interest of a wide medical audience. Given the pulmonary theme, I decided to call the series Take a Breath.

Take a Breath!

Big brother Eddie knew from an early age he wanted to be a respiratory therapist.

The alphabetical aroma of acronym soup at the first-ever meeting of the interstitial lung disease expert committee.

How it feels to present a patient on rounds in the ICU as a new medical student.

Well, now that we are on dupilumab, what are we going to call ourselves?

Question: Why are inhalers so expensive when the medicines in the inhalers have all been around for decades?

Answer: Big Pharma’s latest device patent for albuterol.

Thank you for my amazing family, friends, and health. Thank you for my successful academic pulmonary career and continuous RO1 funding for the last three decades. But please give me the strength to understand WTF the interstitium is.

I thought I had long COVID. But turns out I was just really bored while assigned to read all the pulmonary function tests for my hospital for the week after I returned to work.

Single maintenance and reliever therapy (SMART) works in almost all situations for a child with asthma.

Doctors flying across the country to attend a conference on climate change.

“Well, Mr. Hirson, I know that Symbicort is the best inhaler for you, but unfortunately, the odds aren’t great that your insurance will approve it. Let’s pull the lever and find out!”

Drew Harris is a pulmonary and critical care physician.

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