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New York designer Xavier Donnelly, creative director of the theatrical Ash portfolio, imbues hospitality spaces with an artistic spirit undoubtedly unleashed during his RISD days studying sculpture. It is also on full display in Donnelly’s ancient Italy-inspired quartet of wallpapers and multipiece panel sets for Backdrop, each one translated from his original, fresco-reminiscent paintings that utilize the wet-on-wet “alla prima” technique. Sparked by such memories as a bike ride along the villa-and ruins-strewn Appian Way, the patterns feature a profusion of stars, comets, and celestial bodies, along with clouds that resemble those Donnelly’s artist mother painted on the ceiling of his childhood bedroom.

The New Yorker x Schumacher

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The New Yorker Seasonal Covers wallpaper

Kevin Kerr

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Joana Avillez’s Street Scenes wallpaper

Kevin Kerr

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The New Yorker City-View Covers wallpaper

Kevin Kerr

Since 1925, The New Yorker has regaled readers with a cosmopolitan mix of fiction, journalism, and memorable visuals. To commemorate the upcoming centennial, this month Schumacher will unveil fabrics and wall coverings—including the design house’s first-ever renter-friendly peel-and-stick options—developed in partnership with the magazine based on its historic cartoons and illustrations, including bygone covers that capture city scenes and the four seasons. There are newly commissioned works too, like Joana Avillez’s urban take on toile, Pascal Campion’s large-scale depiction of the skyline, and Edward Steed’s floral stripes. A needlepoint pillow emblazoned with Eustace Tilley, the dandy caricature who enlivened the inaugural issue and continues to make anniversary cameos, is a must-have accessory.

Jeffrey Bilhuber x Le Gracieux

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Jeffrey Bilhuber x Le Gracieux

Photography courtesy Le Gracieux

AD100 Hall of Famer Jeffrey Bilhuber’s first ensemble of fabrics for Le Gracieux dropped in 2020, and now the New York designer is following it up with seven equally uplifting patterns in shades of soft green, orange, pink, brown, and yellow hand screen printed onto French flax linen. The designs are dominated by romantic foliage, including Halifax’s delicate blossoms, Hereford’s evocation of an idyllic woodland, and Hiwasee’s intertwining vines sprouting graceful, feather-like leaves. J’adore!

Adam Lippes x OKA

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Adam Lippes x OKA

Photography courtesy OKA

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