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This HaBO comes from DK and this may be worthy of an award for “most descriptive HaBO”:

I’m reaching out to ask for help in finding the book that I’ve read years ago but couldn’t remember the title and the author. I’ve posted on many book and romance groups already but didn’t get a reply. I even Googled about the book but nothing matches with what I’m looking for.

I don’t remember the exact year this book came out, but I remember it’s around 2018-2020.

All I remember about the book is it’s a standalone contemporary romance with no drama, no cheating, and no 3rd act breakup. It’s a dual POV story. The story is a good and heartwarming one. Not sure if it is set in a small town or not. I got the ARC (advanced review copy) of the book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions but I don’t have it anymore because I permanently deleted all the files on my Kindle app because my Kindle app looks like a big mess. But I remember about this book and wanted to read it again but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the title and the author. I went to check on Enticing Journey’s page but couldn’t find the book there.

Here are the things I remember about the story (this is very long, by the way):

The heroine broke up with her boyfriend and he kicked her out of the apartment they shared making her homeless. She does have a job but I forgot what it is. She lived in her car/truck. Moving on to the hero’s POV, his friends set him up on a blind date using a dating app and they saw the heroine’s profile. The hero’s friends set a date for the hero and the heroine to go on a blind date. I think the hero’s friends mentioned the heroine’s profile picture is her wearing a cowboy hat (?).

Fast forward to the blind date day, the hero met the heroine at a cafe and they talked about so many things including how he looks even more great in person than in pictures because apparently he’s an athlete that many people know of. I forgot which sports he play but they did mention in their conversation about his strong arms, so I guess he might play either tennis or baseball. When they were enjoying their conversation with each other, there’s this man who is a complete stranger suddenly talked harshly about sports and the hero nearly fought the man. After all that, the heroine asked the hero if his house has a large area because she has a horse and since she’s homeless, she need a big space where she can safely put her horse at. The hero agreed to let her put her horse at his house because his house in fact has a very large area.

I don’t remember when this was taking place (could be right after the blind date or maybe a few days after) but I remembered the hero drop off the heroine in front of her vehicle, and then she opens the back door only to realized her mistake which was unintentionally letting the hero know that she’s homeless. The hero stood there and asked, “you’re homeless?” because he saw all her clothes in large baskets at the backseat. Then he went to ask the heroine to move into his house so they could live together, and he can take care of her. He didn’t judge her for being homeless, he was shocked and immediately wanted to help her. She was hesitant to accept his offer at first but after he convinced her, she agreed to live with him.

At his place, they sleep in his room and shared his bed. She didn’t want to at first because she felt awkward about sharing a bed with him but he assured her it’s fine and he won’t do anything funny to her. Later that night when she was sleeping, she had a sexual dream about the two of them. But then she woke up, and after waking up she was horrified after seeing the bloodstain on the sheets which indicate she has her period. She ran straight to the bathroom then after apologized to the hero for the mess, he told her that she shouldn’t panicked because he understand and that it’s fine. During breakfast later, she was even more horrified at seeing the bloodstain on his shorts from her period blood. His friends were shocked too and he asked what’s wrong, then they all explained to him what they saw. He told the heroine no need to freak out because it’s okay and that he understand, he also made a mention that he can just wash it by doing laundry.

Their days living together were peaceful and very much normal. They live happily under the same roof. At one point in the book while they live together, they ordered books and a big package arrived. I think she mentioned she loves reading fantasy and romance books, and that he love reading thrillers because I remember they went on a night drive together, he picked her up and then throughout the drive they were listening to a thriller audiobook in his car which led to them having a discussion regarding the murderer in the story. I don’t know when this happened but I think it was before he found out she’s homeless (?) And when they already live together at his house, she did talk about the ACOTAR book series to him.

Fast forward to days later, he came home saying “honey, I’m home” but didn’t get a reply from the heroine. He also mentioned how he often came home saying that and she laughed, except this time it was silent. He saw her sitting quietly in his room while drinking but she’s not drunk at that time. So he asked her what happened, then she told him that she got tested for breast cancer because of her family’s history. She was heartbroken when she got the result and she also mentioned when she was still in school, the kids at her school made fun of her big boobs. She even said how they called her Lucy Longboob/Lucy Long Long because of her big boobs (I may not remember the heroine’s name to be exact but I remembered about the Longboob/Long Long comment and how she stated the kids at her school rhyme her name with the word “Longboob/Long Long“ so I guess her name is Lucy but I’m not too sure, then again that make sense and sounds like a big possibility the heroine’s name could be Lucy). Then they went on to sing a song about boobs to cheer her up.

At one point in the book (couldn’t remember where in the timeline), they went horse riding together and she made a comment how it’s hard riding on a horse for someone with big boobs like her. She said one time she had a hard time breathing because of her boobs.

Fast forward to the hero’s family event, he brought her to meet his family. She and his family and relatives get along so well, and she also participated in playing games with them including a sports one. I think she was also a goalkeeper in the football/soccer game and then lots of men were impressed by her skills. Some of them asked for her relationship status but she turned them down because she’s not interested in any of them. The hero watched from a distance and is proud of her. They later ended up getting wet together after falling into something big with water in it.

From that moment on, their relationship upgraded from friends to lovers. Not long after, she got a removal surgery for her breasts to stop the cancer from spreading. She also made a joke about her death to him before her surgery and he told her she’ll be fine. After the surgery, he fed her ice chips and felt bad for the nurse because the heroine kept getting angry at the nurse. Days/weeks later, he brought her back to his house and set the bed properly putting lots of pillows so she would be comfortable lying down and sleeping. He became her personal nurse at home and helped her throughout her recovery process. Near the end, she told him her new boobs won’t be the same because the size is a bit smaller compared to her original/old boobs. She got herself a new set of boobs months after she has fully recovered from her surgery.

I don’t know how the story end but it definitely end in a HEA (happily ever after). That’s all I remember about the book.

Final thing, the title is in red color if I’m not mistaken. And there’s a guy lying down on the bed as for the book cover. Since this book came out years ago, I’m not sure if the cover of the book still stay the same to this day or the author change it. There are many authors who release their old books again using new/alternate covers.

I know we can find this one!

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