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This HaBO request is from Wynn, who wants to find this novella:

I saw a Reddit post on r/RomanceBooks where OP posted “[WWTBC] Contemporary Novella with heartbroken English farmer”. I want to read the book so badly!! I have been searching high and low on Google and Reddit communities. I even used ChatGPT at one point to see if I could dig it up, but I have had no luck so far. Here is what OP wrote:

“So this is what I remember. An American woman gets dumped but decides to go on the trip she was planning with her boyfriend/fiance to England. Omg don’t hate me but it might have been Scotland or Wales.

Anyway, she gets left behind by the tour bus somewhere out in the country and she ends up falling asleep on the couch of a little cottage. She’s woken by a grumpy man who is mad she’s there. He isn’t a Duke or someone famous, just an ordinary man. It starts raining heavily and the roads are no longer safe so she must stay a bit.

The man is heartbroken because years ago he lost his wife and child, but he’s clearly attracted to the woman. I remember the eventual sex scenes were steamy. At some point he lies about the roads still being not passable to keep her there longer but she ultimately figures it out and leaves angry. They of course eventually get back together.

Can anyone help me? He’s not a Duke. I found a book by Sarah Maclean that sounded so similar but it definitely wasn’t it.”

The Reddit post also hasn’t been solved, for anyone wondering.

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