Is this the death of the flat fee broker?

Is this the death of the flat fee broker

While traditional models struggle to adapt to changing agent and consumer expectations, Epique Realty is setting new standards with its all-inclusive approach, outpacing both discount and flat fee brokerages in virtually every metric. 

These unconventional models have long been marketed as cost-effective alternatives in real estate transactions, promising lower fees to budget-conscious agents. However, they often come at the expense of essential services and support for agents and clients alike. 

Epique Realty provides a stark contrast, outclassing these models by offering an all-inclusive suite of benefits unheard of in the industry, like healthcare, free prescriptions, free listing photos, yard signs and even Airvet healthcare for agent’s pets. 

Competitive pricing aside, Epique agents derive significant savings. “Our agents save between $25,000 to $30,000 annually compared to industry standards, thanks to our commitment to providing extensive real-world benefits,” declares Janice Delcid, Co-founder and CFO, Epique Realty. 

As Epique Realty continues to develop, it signifies a departure from conventional brokerage models that prioritize cost savings over comprehensive service. 

“Epique has expanded rapidly, now operating in over 35 states within just a year and a half,” reveals Christopher Miller, Co-Founder, COO, and VP of Expansion at Epique Realty. “With all 50 states on track to open in the next eight months, strategic international growth plans to launch Epique Realty globally in 10 countries over the next two to three  years, and a public offering projected by 2026, Epique’s growth trajectory is incomparable.”

Epique Realty’s phenomenal development isn’t just confined to geographic expansion; the company has experienced a staggering 600 percent increase in agent count over the past six months alone. This exponential growth emphasizes Epique’s appeal to agents seeking a brokerage that not only supports their professional development but also offers substantial financial benefits. 

“At Epique Realty, we’re not just revolutionizing real estate; we’re redefining it,” Chris Miller.” Innovation is in our DNA. By continuously evolving our offerings and initiating new technologies and benefits, we’re reshaping the future of real estate and setting a new standard of the agent brokerage model.” 

The company’s success reflects a growing demand for brokerages that leverage technology, innovation, benefits, and personalized support to transform agent expectations and change lives. Epique Realty’s approach emphasizes value over cost alone. 

Agents receive extensive training, innovative marketing tools, and personalized support that fosters long-term success. As the industry’s first AI-certified brokerage, Epique has integrated advanced AI tools to streamline operations and elevate client experiences. This commitment to innovation has cemented Epique’s reputation as the most technologically advanced brokerage in the industry. 

“We’re not just about closing deals; we’re setting new standards for our agents and our industry,” adds Janice Delcid. “Agent-centric isn’t just a marketing slogan for us. We live it with every offering, every benefit, and in our day-to-day operations.” Epique Realty’s model supports agent success and promotes a culture based on diversity and inclusion while investing in comprehensive marketing, innovative technology tools and personalized care.

“Unlike traditional models, our approach prioritizes the agent, offers practical benefits, useful technology and proactive support.” concludes Josh Miller Co-Founder and CEO. “Innovation is the foundation of our success. By investing in our agents’ accomplishment, we’re not just leading the charge; we’re transforming real estate for the future.” 

Epique Realty continues to innovate and expand its footprint globally. Through essential and continuous improvement while prioritizing proactive support, Epique Realty is creating a new paradigm and setting a precedent for the future of real estate.

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Epique Realty is not just a brokerage; it’s a movement. Committed to providing agents with extraordinary benefits, support and resources, Epique Realty empowers agents to thrive in today’s digital age. With a focus on inclusion, innovation and integrity, Epique Realty is redefining what it means to be a forward-thinking brokerage, reshaping the real estate landscape one success story at a time. #BeEpique

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