Lesters’ new automotive division to help reduce carbon footprint

Burntwood-based Lesters has launched a specialist ‘automotive’ division to work closely with OEMs, first and second tier suppliers and third-party logistics providers.

A team of experts in design, sales, marketing, and logistics will help clients reduce their carbon footprint through supply chain optimisation and the replacement of plastics and foams with sustainable packaging mediums.

“Our automotive experience, expertise and consultative approach go beyond the product to help identify and create value in supply chains whether that is reducing end-to-end costs, increasing efficiencies or boosting sustainability,” explained Mark Aucott, automotive business manager at Lesters.

“The sector is complex and requires a circular approach and that is where this new offer really comes into its own. From initial consultations and identifying different types of material to testing and tapping into our expansive prototyping capability”.

“By employing this method, we’ve been able to help several of our automotive customers potentially reduce their supply chain costs by up to 25% – a saving that can run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds!

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