New car club launched by owner of NCP car parks to help people ditching car ownership

The firm which owns car park group NCP is launching a short-term hybrid and EV rental business that will operate from selected sites in major cities and support people who no longer want to own a car.

The NCP CAR club is starting in Bristol, London and Cambridge and drivers will be able to join the new service with zero membership fees until this August.

It is launched by Park24 International, the Japan-based group which acquired National Car Parks (NCP) in 2017. It also operates parking sites in Australia and New Zealand, and in Japan its Times brand provides parking and extensive mobility solutions, including one of the world’s largest car rental clubs with 65,000 cars.

In the UK, consumers will be able to use the NCP CAR app to locate available cars in selected NCP car parks and book them for a chosen amount of time, with use of the vehicle including comprehensive insurance, 24/7 breakdown assistance, and coverage for congestion, clear air, and ULEZ charges.

Following a competitive tender process, Novuna Vehicle Solutions will supply hybrid and electric cars to the NCP CAR club.

Hiroyasu Matsui, president of Park24 International, said:  “In the UK, an increasing number of households will find it more economical to rent a vehicle only when they need it, rather than owning it.

“We believe there is sufficient market potential, and eventually, I want to see all NCP car parks become the hub that allows people to switch between different transport modes.”

NCP operates more than 800 car parks in the UK.

Matsui said the Times Car club in Japan has become widely accepted by consumers as a convenient service that allows people to use a car anytime, anywhere.

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