Possibly the most-delayed video game in history is finally available on the Game Boy Advance

Making a video game on any platform takes hard work, and even if a game is finished it’s still not immune to delays (see: Duke Nukem Forever, L.A. Noire and Diablo III.) A group of Italian programmers had to wait 22 years to finally see the release of their fantasy hack ‘n slasher Kien for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) — a console whose last units went into production in 2009. It’s likely the most-delayed game in history, according to a feature in The Guardian.

Kien first started its long development in 2002. A small group of Italian programmers formed AgeOfGames, the first company in the country to start production on a GBA title. Two years later, they had a finished product, but the game never saw store shelves because its publisher deemed it too much of a financial risk to release.

In the interim, AgeOfGames switched to making educational games to stay in business,and the life cycle of the GBA came and went. Then the retro gaming boom gave the Italian studio an opportunity: a new publisher that specializes in classic console games, incube8 Games, took interest. Now Kien is available in cartridge form, and playable on original hardware.

Retro gaming in general is big business these days and more accessible than ever. There are all kinds of new consoles designed to play hundreds of thousands of different titles from yesteryear. The iPhone finally began allowing apps that emulate all sorts of classic consoles in its online stores earlier this year. There’s even been a renaissance of new games using old fashioned graphics. You’re never far away from the games and experiences that defined your childhood.

Kien is available to purchase from incube8’s website for the (only slightly shocking) price of $60.

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