Proton launches its own version of Google Docs

Proton now has its own version of Google Docs in its Drive cloud storage service, and like the company’s other products, it comes with end-to-end encryption. The company says its flavor of Docs “offers a unique solution in a market where most popular products neglect privacy” and recommends it for use in the healthcare, media, finance and legal industries. Proton Docs has advanced formatting and image embed options like Google Docs has and can create, open and edit documents in multiple formats, including Microsoft .docx.

It has collaboration tools similar to Google Docs’, as well. Users can invite anyone to view and edit their documents, though those without a Proton account will be prompted to create one first. The free tier of Proton Drive includes essential document features so people don’t have to pay for the service if they don’t want to. Participants will be able to add comments to the document, reply to them and resolve them. And users will see other participants’ presence and their cursor placements in real time, so that they know who’s working on which part of the document and so that their edits don’t clash.

Proton didn’t say whether the launch of Docs means it’s going to roll out analogues of Google’s other Workspace apps in the future, but the company did expand its offerings with several different products over the last few years. In addition to Drive cloud storage — and, of course, its email service — the company has a VPN, an encrypted calendar and even a password manager. Docs will make its way to Proton users over the coming days.

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