Raid on independent garage helps police disrupt organised crime group

A police raid on an independent dealership and garage in the Midlands has led police to believe they have disrupted a “serious organised crime group” which was ringing valuable high performance cars.

The raid was launched after officers traced a stolen Audi S3 hot hatch to the business in Coventry.

The Audi and a BMW X3 and a Volkswagen California had all been stolen in a burglary of a premises more than 100 miles away in Hullavington, Wiltshire.

Although the thieves had crashed the Volkswagen nearby, the BMW and Audi disappeared without trace, until investigations led to the Coventry business, where the Audi was displayed on the forecourt with a registration that had been cloned from another vehicle.

From that discovery, police were able to trace a ‘chop shop’ garage which was processing stolen cars.

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