Real estate is a new industry. Are you ready?

Real estate is a new industry. Are you ready

Change can be a scary word. For many of us, it conjures the image of something sudden and unexpected, a situation we weren’t prepared to face, an environment we aren’t comfortable with.

But change isn’t a one-hit wonder. It rarely comes out of nowhere, and it doesn’t disappear quickly, either.

Think about it. If you look back on our current reliance on smartphones, for example, it may feel like it happened overnight—but really, it started with an MP3 player, a fun commercial, several evolutions of cellphones with QWERTY keyboards. It accompanied technological advancements, demographic shifts and new consumer behaviors that created a demand for a new way to communicate.

That all came together over decades to create what we see now as something many of us couldn’t live without.

This is what’s facing real estate now.

Just like the advent of the smartphone, real estate is reaching the culmination point of decades of slow change and evolution.

It’s not just that there are new rules and requirements coming into effect in August.

It’s not just that there are new pressures on the market.

It’s not just that consumers use new technology every day.

It’s all of these things coming together at once to inspire long-lasting change on the real estate industry. And like the smartphone, a new challenge brings new answers.

Discover the answer—the new generation of real estate software.

New technology for a new industry.

Technology shouldn’t be new for new’s sake. The new generation of real estate software has been intentionally created to carry real estate into what faces the industry next. It’s the culmination of years of strategy, design and development, built using decades of user experience from the industry’s most trusted solutions for back office, accounting and transaction management as a blueprint.

It’s ready for what’s expected of you as a real estate professional in 2024 and beyond. It’s here to help you adapt, grow and thrive in the new industry by giving you:

  • A new way to transact, designed to put the client first with every deal
  • A new standard in accounting, informed by 35 years of feedback from the top brokerages on the continent
  • One platform for all you do, from CMA to CRM, offers to signings, accounting to analytics

All in one place, Lone Wolf Foundation.

Because when you’re expected to do it all, why not do it all in one place?

Your clients—whether they’re buyers, sellers, agents, or anyone else—have sky-high expectations of you these days. And as with smartphones, there’s no going back to how things were before. There is only forward.

We’ve spent 35 years in the industry, watching every ebb and flow, every crash and boom, every technology change, fad and trend.

Through it all, we’ve kept our sights on moving forward and helping our customers with the tools they need to be successful. Ultimately, that’s what Lone Wolf Foundation is; the culmination of everything we’ve learned in those years, brought together to empower users in their real estate journey, no matter their size or experience, no matter the market or mortgage rate.

You’re here to help people find a home. That isn’t changing. No matter what else changes, what comes today or tomorrow, we’re here to help you do that — with everything you need, for everything you do, all in one place to make it simpler for everyone.

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