Simpsons Skoda sees sales uplift using AI marketing technology

Simpsons Skoda has seen a 24% uplift in vehicle sales year-on-year with the help of using new artificial intelligence (AI) technology as part of its marketing strategy.

The business has been using Phyron’s AI-driven video advertising on Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram to automatically market its inventory of vehicles specifically for those platforms.

Phyron said the technology has helped Simpsons Skoda reach a new market of active shoppers with video and image content, 

Simpsons Skoda were able to use their customer database and integrate this with Phyron’s AI technology to automatically target customers with combined video and image content.

Until now, advertising on an inventory level on Meta was limited to still images but with Product Level Video (the next generation of Meta’s Automotive Inventory Ads), this has been expanded to include video.

The AI tech can pull through existing images and specification information to create 10 second video ads. 

Car dealers can advertise all their cars on a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level.

Johan Sundstrand, Phyron chief executive and co-founder, said: “Our aim is to democratise access to high-quality video advertising, making it accessible and feasible for auto retailers of all sizes.

“This is the future of automotive advertising, and we’re excited to be guiding dealers through this new tech landscape.”

Phyron has been expanding its business in the UK and now works with over 1,700 dealerships.

The Swedish company announced earlier this month that it is setting up a UK sales company to help service its growing business here and it is looking to double the number of UK dealerships it is working with over the next 12 months.

Phyron is establishing an office in the UK at Stanmer Park in Brighton and it expects to recruit at least 35 more people, as it gets set to launch a new suite of products for the UK market over the next few months.

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