This 500-Square-Foot Trailer in Malibu Is a Warm and Woody Cocoon

Jason Osni, the founder of cannabis brand Old Pal, was never supposed to move into another trailer. The plan was to have his partner move into his old one, never for them both to move someplace new. “This is Jason’s third trailer in Paradise Cove, and he really only bought it because someone made an offer on his previous one,” says his partner, Amy Roberts, an editorial lead for a food and wellness company. Mind you, Jason didn’t initially take the offer seriously. “He told the realtor he’d only move if he could find him a new project in the same neighborhood. Lo and behold, this one became available a few months later.”

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Wood panels warm the walls, floors, and ceilings of the main room, serving as a welcome backdrop for the owners’ collection of handmade and antique ceramics, surf books, and folk art. Because there’s no such thing as too much wood, Alana and Jason brought in even more in the way of beautiful oiled walnut millwork. A patchwork from Suay Sew Shop enlivens the sofa.

That the trailer wasn’t in great shape was altogether a different matter. “It was so old and cramped and tiny that I couldn’t imagine all of us surviving here,” Amy continues, the “all of us” in question being herself, Jason, and their two rambunctious pooches, Pippa and Mookie. But Jason could. Imagine all of them surviving here, that is. So he worked on making it possible, but not before enlisting neighbor and friend Alana Marie of Alana Marie Interiors and contractor Jeff Spiegel of Heartwood Construction & Design to help him bring it back to life.

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As the first home they’ve ever shared, the home is a culmination of many shared interests for Amy and Jason. “When we started designing this space, we had just decided to move in together, so we were excited about bringing to life things we both love, including wood paneling, lots of shelves, and a calm, cozy feeling. I think we got pretty close to the original vision,” says Jason. The ceiling lights in the kitchen are the Alabax Large Surface Mount design by Schoolhouse Electric.

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