This Anker Nano portable charger for iPhone is on sale for only $12

My phone always dies on long days out and about, but I’m not a fan of carrying heavy power banks or having cords twist in my bag. The Anker Nano portable charger is the only option I’ve found that I’ll actually use, and I’m excited to report (though with a bit of jealousy) that it’s currently on sale for just $12. The charger is typically $26, but a 31 percent discount and a $6 coupon bring the white and black models to a record-low price.

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I personally vouch for Anker’s Nano portable charger thanks to features like its lightweight, small build, and, like I mentioned above, its built-in lightning plug. You can juice it up through its USB-C port, with the device typically holding one and a half charges for my iPhone 12 Pro (Anker also makes a model for Android, which is our favorite portable option for a partial charge). Plus, the device has four clear dots on its front to indicate how much charge is left.

There are a few downsides to Anker’s Nano portable charger, but none that are too much of a hindrance. You need to be careful if using inside a bag as the lightning charger can sometimes move out of the upright position it needs to work. It also isn’t great if you’re looking to boost multiple batteries at a time or use it for days on end, as it does seem to die before I can get two charges out of it. Overall, though, its convenience is amazing when I know I’ll be out all day or traveling.

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