Used car sale spike predicted with launch of Low Emissions Zones – Carwow

New Low Emission Zones (LEZs) in Scotland will most likely prompt an increase in new and used car sales activity north of the border, according to new analysis from Carwow.

Analysing activity on its online auction platform, the online marketplace identified a 43% uplift, year-on-year, in the volume of used car listings by consumers within the Glasgow area during the six months following the introduction of the city’s LEZ last June. 

Carwow said it is predicting the next surge in sales activity following the introduction of new LEZs in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh from 1 June as owners start replacing cars that are non-compliant.

Even so, new research commissioned by Carwow indicates that a third (30%) of Scottish motorists do not understand the new Low Emission Zone (LEZ) rules with almost half (45%) unsure where the current zones are.

A quarter of drivers across Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee further do not know if the car they are driving is LEZ compliant, presenting an educational opportunity for local dealers. 

When the first ULEZ expansion was introduced in London in 2019, Carwow saw a substantial increase in searches for alternatively fuelled vehicles, with searches for electric cars in the capital rising by 23% and plug-in searches increasing by 21% in the months just before and after the first expansion. 

Sally Foote, chief commercial officer, Sell My Car, at Carwow, said: “LEZ expansion can unlock fresh opportunities for Scottish retailers. We’re seeing that non-compliant cars are still selling successfully in our trade auctions, as retailers in regions that are not affected by these zones are well aware that there is still high demand for these vehicles from drivers seeking affordable and fuel-efficient used cars. 

“For those retailers based in areas with zones in place, or impending ones, our data shows that the majority of car sellers are now looking to replace their vehicle, and potentially make the switch to an alternatively fuelled car. We expect to see a corresponding bump in sales of compliant cars or low-and no-emission models.” 

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