Whatcha Reading? May 2024, Part Two


Cozy seat in beautiful backyard flower gardenWelcome back to Whatcha Reading! Here’s how we’re capping off the end of May 2024:

Sarah:  I am reading Love of my Afterlife by Kirsty Greenwood , which is about a woman who does, meets her soul mate in the waiting room for the afterlife, and gets sent back to find him, with not a lot of clues and a time limit. It’s got a lot of pop culture (especially romance) references and is so far very effervescent and charming.

I’m interviewing the author for the podcast and I’m looking forward to talking with Greenwood about the book!

Elyse: I am high on Bridgerton fumes so I just finished It Had to be a Duke by Vivienne Lorret last night. It’s enemies to lovers/ fake courtship and it hit the spot.

Sarah: How were the first four? I have been absurdly busy this weekend and haven’t had time to watch.

Elyse: So far my favorite season but 1) I love friends to lovers and 2) I love Nicola Coughlan. She’s amazing in everything she’s in.

I have had to warn a lot of people that the book is very different and doesn’t IMO hold up to time.

Sarah: Nicola Coughlin is incredible.

So, whatcha reading? Have you marathoned the latest Bridgerton season yet?

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