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It’s been awhile, but the television and film offerings lately seem to be Very Good!

I really, really enjoyed the Black Twitter documentary on Hulu, especially that it was looking at recent history online through the lens of a powerful community and the people within it. Shana and I are going to review/discuss it here soon, but if you haven’t watched it, I recommend!

I tried watching this series on the 90s – Dark Side of the 90s maybe? It was boring and slow and plodding and dull and I stopped. So I’m looking for something I can half watch, and am very happy to take suggestions!

I checked in with the crew here at SBTB HQ, and they’re all watching neat stuff, too.

Elyse:  I binged We Were the Lucky Ones on Hulu while finishing a knitting project. It’s based on a true story, about a family of Polish Jews who were all separated in WWII, but all managed to survive (I believe it was 22 family members in real life but the show focuses on a smaller group).

Amanda: Brian and I are watching season two of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. It’s an anime where this guy is born without magic and gets into a magical school but he’s just really strong, a little dumb, and super wholesome. Villains just wind up being his friends after he defeats them.

Sarah:  Oh – based on the recommendation from Julia L in the comments, I watched the first of the Smithsonian’s series on Million Dollar Princesses. 

Which led me to the PBS American Experience documentary called The Gilded Age, which talks a lot about the rise of the Labor movement in the US, and the enormous disparity between the wealthy and those in poverty.

It’s eerie to compare that time period to right now.

Tara: We’re one episode away from finishing Dead Boy Detectives and have been really enjoying it. Some of the queer rep is great, but we’re not in love with the sapphic rep. (I can send you spoiler tag info, if you like)

Sarah: Yes please! Spoiler tag info!

Tara: Here you go!

this is VERY spoilery

It’s a bury your (extremely problematic) gays situation. We see a side character have a very promising date, only for her to learn that her date is actually her stalker. The stalker chases her around with a cleaver, only to slip and somehow catch herself in the head with the cleaver.

Also, a friend has been nagging me for a few months to watch What We Do in the Shadows and they were so right. The second episode made me laugh so hard I was weeping at one point.

Nadja has something to say about that

Nadja rom What We Do in the Shadows wearing a big puffy sleeved red dress and long hair up in semi pigtails says Well That is just, well GREAT while giving a thumbs up

Tara: I love her so much. She might be my favourite.

Amanda: My favorite running joke is how she can’t pronounce the name Jeff.

Sarah:  Anyone else have recommendations of things to watch?

Maya: Murder She Wrote!!!

Which obviously is so old, but whatever. Peacock has all the episodes and it’s perfect background watching because it’s a procedural.

Also, Sarah, Bluey is perfect half watching tv. If you aren’t giving it your full attention, then the always excellent work of the composer will carry you through and with all the kid giggles, it’s good vibes only—until you pay full attention to the right episode and then you might start crying.

Sarah: I have heard that Bluey will sucker punch your emotions!

EC Spurlock just sent me this link to the trailer for My Lady Jane, and I’m very intrigued:


Shana: I’m already on my second rewatch of the new season of Bridgerton. I’m sure that surprises no one! (NB: Shana is currently writing about it so get ready to discuss closer to when the second half arrives!) 

I’m also finally watching The Flatshare series and really enjoying it. It’s missing some of my favorite characters from the book, and the secondhand embarrassment is tough, but I really like how they fleshed out Leon’s character.

I just finished the new season of Sister Boniface Mysteries and its cheerful irreverence continues to delight me!

Sarah:  I’m sorry hold the phone there’s a Flatshare series??

Shana: Amanda mentioned it was coming to the UK years ago but I’d given up hope of seeing it…and then it popped up on Amazon Prime last week!

Sarah:  OH MY GOSH. I am so excited!

What about you? Are you watching lately? What do you recommend?

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